MP Sonia Sidhu addresses the lack of healthcare services being delivered to Brampton in the House of Commons

December 7th, 2019 Ottawa, Ontario MP Sonia Sidhu

Last week, Brampton South MP Sonia Sidhu returned to Ottawa to represent her constituents and to highlight Brampton’s urgent need for its fair share of health care services with a speech in the House of Commons.

MP Sidhu began her remarks by thanking her supporters and constituents: “It is an honour to rise in the House today to thank the people of Brampton South. All the volunteers, voters, supporters, and, of course, my family. Each and every one of them who helped me get re-elected.”

Speaking further, MP Sidhu emphasized Brampton’s need for “its fair share of health services to keep up with the rapid growth of our city.”. As a healthcare professional for over 18 years, MP Sidhu understands the importance of proper healthcare funding for Brampton. “The level at which Brampton is receiving healthcare services is not matched to its rapidly growing population. My constituents are facing medical related issues that must be solved urgently.” MP Sidhu said. “That is why I took the opportunity to highlight this issue in the House of Commons. I will continue to advocate on my constituent’s behalf to make sure their needs are met.”

MP Sidhu has been a champion in Parliament for Brampton’s healthcare system since 2015. She is a former member of the Standing Committee on Health, and chair of the All-Party Caucus on Diabetes. She has never shied away from the important work that must be done for Brampton to finally receive its fair share of health care services.

MP Sidhu concluded her speech by thanking local organizations who joined her in marking Diabetes Awareness Month in November, including Diabetes Canada, the YMCA, the JDRF, LMC Healthcare, and Healthy Communities Initiative. “Working together we can defeat diabetes, improve the health of Canadians and save our health system billions of dollars!” MP Sonia Sidhu passionately said to complete her remarks.