Sonia Sidhu at the opening of Carabram 2019

BRAMPTON, ON—Liberal MP Sonia Sidhu attended Brampton’s Carabram, which was hosted from July 12-14.  The opening ceremony

Carabram showcases Brampton’s cultural diversity with pavilions that display food, art, music, and dancing from different cultural groups residing in the GTA.

Carabram has been held annually for 36 years and is a key component in celebrating the range of cultures that are present in Brampton.

MP Sidhu visited several cultural pavilions, spoke to Carabram attendees, and recognized the event organizers thanking them for their community service.

Carabram plays a key role in celebrating and promoting unity of cultures and traditions in Brampton. It is a community-event aimed to improve relationships between Bramptonians, and MP Sidhu has always been and will continue to be a proud supporter.


“Healthy and peaceful relationships between cultures and sub-cultures are achieved through educational, community-based events like Carabram. It makes me proud to see Bramptonians come together to learn about each other’s traditions and lifestyles.”

“Carabram is annual proof that community activists in Brampton take promoting cultural diversity seriously and consider it an important priority. Loving your neighbor means taking the time to understand your neighbor—everyone at this event was making that conscious effort to understand the people around them better.”

~ Sonia Sidhu Member of Parliament for Brampton South