Brampton, ON — MP Sonia Sidhu

This morning, MP Sidhu joined John Kendrick, franchise owner of the newest CHALO! FreshCo grocery store grand opening in Brampton South. MP Sidhu was joined by Councilors Paul Vicente and Doug Whillans as well as local community leader and philanthropist Iggy Kaneff.

At CHALO! FreshCo stores, customers are treated to a wide assortment of authentic

South Asian and multicultural products, fresh seafood counters and a great selection of fresh, quality foods.

“Since 2015 the federal government has been investing in Canadians who have created more than 900.000 new jobs nationally and this number keeps growing. Today, 100+ new jobs were created in my riding. Franchisees like John Kendrick at Chalo!

Freshco invest in our communities and unlock economic opportunities that create jobs and grow the middle class. As of today, his store, which is Brampton’s third Chalo! FreshCo, located at 8405 Financial Dr. is now open for business,” said MP Sidhu.

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy. They make up 98% of all business operations in Canada and employ over 70% of the total labour force in the private sector and contribute more than 30% to our gross domestic product.

MP Sidhu said “Small business owners move Canada forward. I would like to congratulate franchisee John Kendrick for having the confidence to open this new grocery store in my riding and bringing jobs to our local economy. When small businesses prosper so does Canada! “