January 7, 2020           Brampton, Ontario                            MP Sonia Sidhu

Last week, in partnership with the Provincial Government of Ontario, the Federal government announced the Canada-Ontario Housing Benefit, a plan to invest in the housing needs of Ontarians.

The Canada-Ontario Housing benefit builds on the Canada-Ontario Bilateral Agreement under the National Housing Strategy which will provide more than $5.75 billion to protect, renew, and expand social and community housing.

The federal government announced the National Housing Strategy in 2017 to allow Canadians to fulfill their dreams of owning a home in Canada, and in 2018 signed a bilateral agreement with the Province of Ontario on housing.

Speaking on this, Member of Parliament for Brampton South Sonia Sidhu said: “The Canada–Ontario Housing Benefit is an important pillar of the National Housing Strategy that will help support families across our province, and allow Ontarians to fulfil their lifelong dreams of owning a home.”


Office of Sonia Sidhu, MP Brampton South