Sonia Bio – Meet Sonia

Sonia Sidhu is a mother of two daughters and a son and has been in Canada since 1992. She has a bachelor’s degree in Political Science.

She arrived in Winnipeg, where she lived for almost 10 years making her living as a small business owner, an entrepreneur, and worked in Victoria Hospital as a Cardiac Technologist.

Before being elected, Sonia worked as a healthcare professional for almost 15 years, right here in Brampton South where she was involved in diabetes research and education in Brampton.

Since being elected, Sonia has been a fierce advocate for healthcare. As a member of the health committee, she has advised on 18 different reports that impact the lives of Canadians every day, including the report recommending the implementation of a national pharmacare plan, drinking water standards and more.

She has also been an advocate for national pharmacare and she crossed the country to consult with experts and her report “Defeating Diabetes” was presented earlier this year to the Minister of Health.

Sonia is a tireless worker who fights for her community, especially the seniors in her riding.

She has also raised her voice to bring more jobs and investment to her community, supporting investments in her local economy, and jobs that are being created by companies like Amazon in Brampton. As well, she has been working to ensure that there are more co-op jobs so that graduates can get out into the workplace with the experience that they need.